Thursday, June 11, 2009

the return of a drama queen!

stay tune for my come back!
im in the mood for story telling!!!!

:D hahaha

Thursday, January 22, 2009

give me job plzzz :(

no new entry?
having problems laa..
im very looking forward for my chinese new year vacation!!!!
beaches, blue sea...white sand...calming
to be away from stress... problems....

im jobless now..
finished my study bt gt no job la...
what to do..
somes suggest me in marketing line but im not really that friendly...
n i can consider myself as a shy person also..
malula to approach strangers..
but to be a public attention makes me feel happy :)
yes..yes i admit..
im an attention seeker+drama queen... ;-p

so what do u think da most suitable career for me?

im a chemistry student but i hv no interest in proceeding my current area...
but it is true that chemistry can make good money... legally or illegally hahahah..

i want to feel how does it feel to own money by your own..
to spent the money that u get from ur hardwork..
sounds fun!!

ok ok..
this is just me mumbling to myself bcause of ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz...

bye bye

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

kindness is what world needs...

me n sayang were on da way back home from kl this afternoon..
suddenly a bike trying to overtake us from the left side ( we were at da fast lane )..
sumore there was also a car on our left side..
get it? picture this,
a bike trying to overtake in da center between two cars.. Hmmm.. hope u guys can imagine it.
but all of a sudden, he lost control of his bike ( he's panic because he's a 'sandwich' now)
swiftly sway to the right, and hit our car.
then he fell off his bike and drop just infront of us ( car stil moving ok )..
thankfully, my sayang is such an expert in driving. He immediately swing to da left and pushed da break hard.
scarily, our car did bang something solid ( honestly i tot it was his head already ).... but alhamdullilah when we jump off to check on him, he was breathing nicely and still in one piece..
he only hurt his shoulder and a bit scratch here and there... thank god we just hit his bike.
traffic is jammed like hell (rush hour) so without more ado, we move his bike onto the divider and took him inside car to bring him to clinic...

during registration at da clinic, he barely can move his arm to wrote down his particular.. so i help him. When he wanted to hand over his IC, i realized that his wallet is worn out and it is empty. From the IC, the guy is almost 50 years old... a sudden sympathy came to me...

i told my syg bout dis...n we decided to pay all da treatment bill n give him some cash also..
even though it was his fault and our rim car already spoil... we dont have the heart to put more burden on him..
alhamdullilah again because he didnt suffer any severe injury...

even though my day is a bit unpleasant today..but i feel glad and blessed...
kindness is what world needs...
i couldnt agree more :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

scared to death!!!

last night was a night dat will never be forgotten...
an experience of a life time..

i witness an almost gun shooting scenery..
i was sitting in a car..
two guys were fighting just beside the car and one of them has a gun..
the fight became out of hands and one of da guy started to withdraw his gun and aiming the other guy head..

i was praying to god to avoid any unwanted accident!!
i was scared like hell..
my hands are trembling hard..
sweats dripping down my face..

thank god nothing bad happen..
im relieved!!
but still some blood dripping were involved.. (by knife)

i will never put my mind off this memorable night...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

saturday evening

nothing much to do today...

wake up very late today.. thanks for sayang's suprise visit last night..

ate prosperity burger for my breakfast-lunch-most probaly dinner..

watched hindustan movie a bit..

but then change da channel coz the story plot a bit ridiculous..

browsed all channel...none was interesting..

and finnaly i ended up with this amazingly touching movie..

King Of California..

This quirky Sundance comedy chronicles the journey of a delusional father (Michael Douglas) who's convinced that a fabled treasure is buried somewhere beneath his Southern California suburb.

His delinquent teenage daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) -- a high school dropout who saw her father sent to a mental institution, only to be abandoned by her dysfunctional mother -- resists his ravings at first. But, eventually, she starts to believe.

i suggest you guys watch it! it will sure make ur day with ur father..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

thank you!

soooo many respond i gt from my blog..
some agreed, some doesnt..
some retarded, some well educated...
some envy, some supportive..
some judgemental, some advising...
i really dont care,
but some posts involve others feeling..
which is not appropriate for me to keep it published..

p/s- to those who bad talking bout me, i suggest u to keep on... visit my blog more often.. i really appreciate it... its an honour for me for being able to mke u envy, excited and interested in my naturally belle's life..

Friday, November 28, 2008

kekasih gelapku------> reality hurts!!!

Kumencintaimu lebih dari apapun
Meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tau
Kumencintaimu sedalam-dalam hatiku
Meskipun engkau hanya kekasih gelapku

Kutahu kutakkan slalu ada untukmu
Di saat engkau merindukan diriku
Kutahu kutakkan bisa memberikanmu waktu
Yang panjang dalam hidupku

Yakinlah bahwa engkau adalah cintaku
Yang kucari s’lama ini dalam hidupku
Dan hanya padamu kuberikan sisa cintaku
Yang panjang dalam hidupku...,